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Delivery Management

We are one of the Best management consulting firms in Chennai for IT projects where governance can be provided for individual projects, programs or portfolios of multiple programs and projects. We will bring in the right delivery partner and ensure alignment right from the concept and strategy stage, through the various milestones, until the project goals are achieved and the benefits derived.

We utilize our expertise in delivering IT projects to help draw up strategies for risk-mitigated execution and plan for contingencies that may arise. The governance process is agreed upon early in the project lifecycle and we work closely with the customer and delivery partner to follow it meticulously to ensure successful delivery.

The projects will be done keeping in mind the principles of continuous improvement and agility so that the systems can respond easily to changing requirements. Our services make us to be one of the Best management consulting firms in Chennai.

Delivery Steps for Successful Projects

  • Understand the project objectives and their fitment into the organization’s strategy
  • Get the Project Sponsor to buy into the project management methodology and agree on the governance process
  • Have the right blend of planning, monitoring and control to complete the project on time with high quality
  • Assemble the right team from the customer and Delivery SI and ensure all stakeholders work in the true spirit of partnership
  • Address any skill gaps and provide training to project stakeholders where required
  • Inculcate a culture of open and speedy communication and implement a RACI matrix for clear responsibility and accountability
  • Keep an eye on the key factors of Time, Cost, Quality and Customer Satisfaction and address any early warning signs that are observed
  • Celebrate well with the teams when the project goes live

Agile Concepts

We will apply Agile concepts, so that requirements are met in an iterative fashion, where we have learning from one stage to the next. The systems we build will focus on continuous improvement and short cycles, so that they can respond to the changing business environment. All stakeholders have responsibility to help achieve the project objectives and the project manager’s role gets modified accordingly.

PMO Setup

We can help customers set up a Project Management Office to help increase their number of successfully delivered projects and help institutionalize a good project management culture in their organization. The PMO can be designed at the scale required by the organization and will help in standardizing procedures, knowledge base, reusability, troubleshooting and resource allocation.