Technology Advisory Services

Customers are constantly looking at business ideas to improve their results and positioning in the market. Our Digital strategy consulting services in Chennai helps with technology selection and delivery of IT systems, such as:

Customer-facing and Core ERP & HCM systems

Customer-facing systems (CX & CRM), Business Development (Sales & Opportunity tracking), core systems such as ERP and HCM with the supporting Analytics. We will work with customers to get their key requirements and help them select the most suitable options, keeping in mind in mind functionality, ease of deployment, maintainability and Total Cost of Services (erstwhile TCO) under the Cloud (Op-ex) model.

Digital Strategy

With the proliferation of digital technologies becoming available, companies have the ideal opportunity to transform their business into a digital business and earn revenue streams. We can help customers develop their overall strategy for differentiation, digitization and suggest suitable technology options, such as SMAC and others for the same. Rely upon our Digital strategy consulting services in Chennai to streamline your business.


We will have end-to-end partnerships with OEMs and SI partners throughout the outsourcing cycle, from RFP to completely-stabilized go-live operations and help in the Vendor Management process.

Across all Industries

We can work across all industries such as Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, Retail & CPG, Telecom, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities & others and help you with solutions as mentioned above.

Best-fit solutions

In addition to our technology recommendations we would also consider all technology choices suggested by our customers and recommend the best fit in terms of functionality, ease of deployment, maintainability and cost.

Continuous Improvement

The changes can be implemented in manageable chunks, so that the transformation is incremental in nature and there is learning from one stage to the next. We will build flexibility and agility into the systems, so they can respond to a changing business environment.


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